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Straddle Carriers

On Portneeds, the global marketplace for port equipment, you can advertise and find your used Straddle Carriers worldwide.

On our website you can sell and buy used Straddle Carriers and other container handling equipment. 

Straddle Carriers are very sturdy and also reusable. You can save significant costs on the purchase of new equipment, and you can also reduce pollution by choosing a second-hand Straddle Carrier. You can also give your used harbor crane a second life by advertising this on Portneeds. On our website you can easily sell your used equipment and contribute to a better and more sustainable world.

We provide advertising for used Straddle Carriers and other equipment for the container handling equipment. 

On our marketplace we offer Straddle Carriers of various brands; Konecranes, ZPMC, Cargotec/Kalmar, Liebherr, Terex, Sany and Nelcon are represented with us.

Straddle carries also called straddle trucks are the vehicles that straddle the loads to carry it. Unlike conventional trucks, it doesn’t carry the loads on the top. Having a straddle carries has the advantage of unloading and loading without the help of forklifts or cranes. The driver operates the lifting apparatus without any help from other mechanics. They carry the containers of ISO standards at ports. They are used when it is for heavy goods such as containers and cargos. Since it can be driven to anywhere, it makes the straddle carries more functional. It doesn’t need other operators to transport the containers its carrying and it lowers the cost with that way.

Straddle Carries for Sale

Straddle carries are the easiest way to load goods without any other costs by purchasing cranes. The industry where transportation is needed always chooses straddle carries to reduce the waste of time. When straddle carries are working, lifting and loading is so clean that it doesn’t need to be used again in the same area. If customers are looking for Combilift straddle carrier for sale, they have to know the driver seat is located in the right rear corner.

They have different colour options and are made from high-quality material. The other option will be Mobicon straddle carrier for sale. Their drive seat is different from combilift and they are usually located in upper right corner. They also have few color options too. Like other operators, finding a new and clean carrier is also important. New combilift straddle carrier for sale is a great way to do a clean job. It is safer and faster way to carry containers. It also saves time with its advantage mechanic system.

Used Straddle Carriers for Sale

Using a second-hand strsddle carries cost less money and is better for short time usage. Often companies rent these carriers and use them to have it less cheap. Used straddle carrier can lift up to 60 metric tons. That means they can lift two containers while some can lift to more and carry three containers. If customers are looking to work with a great carrier, used Combilift straddle carrier for sale would be one of the best picks.

Straddle Carriers Caracteristicas

Straddle carriers play really a big role in logistics and transportation. Most of the time these carriers used in the shipping industry. They have a wide variety of uses at their working field and makes the job easier. They are designed and produced carefully, so there won’t be any errors while working. Here some are the caracteristicas of straddle carriers:

  • Most of the straddle carriers can travel at 30 mph. 
  •  They can lift up to 60 metric tons.
  •  Can be used for more than 2 containers by lifting up the loads to a higher height.

Straddel carriers have a set of four frames. The frames are vertical and they support the entire structure. The top of the straddle carrier has the mechanism to lift and carry the containers by spreader crane. Straddle carrier manufacturers encase the operating system with a shatterproof and a strong plexiglass case. This way it protects the operator from a collision.

Straddle Carriers Cranes for Sale and Rent

Most businesses decide to rent straddle carriers cranes since it’s a lot cheaper. If it’s going to be used for a short time, it’s best to rent one but if the business is all about carrying and lifting containers, it would be smarter to buy one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Straddle Carrier Cost?

Most owners or lessors pick the option to take prices on requests. Their prices are going to be high since straddle carriers are heavy operators and they are important. If renting is an option, it will be a lot affordable to rent it. The time the operator is going to work for will also affect the price.

What Does a Straddle Carrier Do?

Straddle carrier helps to transport really heavy goods like containers easily. They also help with lifting and carrying them. A straddle carrier can pick up to 4 containers. The number of containers it can carry will change to the size of the containers. Using a straddle carrier crane will reduce to use other lifting operators and saves time. A straddle carrier can do the job by one carrier while others use multiple carrier operators to do the same job.

Straddle carriers are so easy to use, saves money and they also save time. They also don’t need to be fixed to one spot.