Netherlands The / Noord-Brabant / Breda

2002 / 0 H.

ELME Piggy Back...

ELME Piggy Back 952-9110

France / Bas-Rhin / Bischheim

2021 / 100 H.

Spreader ...


Netherlands The / Zuid-Holland / Rotterdam

2021 / 0 H.

4x Stinis Twinl...

4x Stinis Twinlift Spreder

Belgium / Antwerpen / Aartselaar

0 / 0 H.

Stinis Twinlift...

Stinis Twinlift Spreader

Belgium / Antwerpen / Aartselaar

2006 / 0 H.

Bromma STS45 Sp...

Bromma STS45 Spreader

Belgium / Antwerpen / Aartselaar

2005 / 0 H.

Bromma STS45 sp...

Bromma STS45 spreader

Belgium / Antwerpen / Aartselaar

2006 / 0 H.

40ft manuele co...

40ft manuele container spreader

Belgium / Antwerpen / Aartselaar

0 / 0 H.

Stinis Spreader...

Stinis Spreader mobile crane

Belgium / Antwerpen / Aartselaar

2002 / 0 H.

Elme Spreader D...

Elme Spreader DB 5841 LB-5953

Italy / Campania / Marigliano

2014 / 0 H.

Elme 817-18578 ...

Elme 817-18578 spreader

Netherlands The / Gelderland / Nijmegen

2013 / 0 H.

Elme spreader 1...

Elme spreader 15079

Netherlands The / Friesland / Leeuwarden

2013 / 00 H.

Elme spreader 1...

Elme spreader 14838

Netherlands The / Friesland / Leeuwarden

2013 / 00 H.

Elme spreader 1...

Elme spreader 15115 (over-height extension legs)

Netherlands The / Friesland / Leeuwarden

2013 / 00 H.



Germany / Bayern / Munchen

0 / 00 H.


On Portneeds, the global marketplace for port equipment, you can advertise and find your used container handling spreaders. 

Container spreaders are very sturdy and also reusable. You can save significant costs on the purchase of new equipment and you can also reduce pollution by choosing a second-hand spreader. You can also give your used spreader a second life by advertising this on Portneeds. On our website you can easily sell your used equipment and contribute to a better and more sustainable world.

On our website you can sell and buy used spreaders. We provide advertising for used spreaders for container handling equipment. We offer different kinds of spreaders and other harbor equipment. Examples are container spreaders for, shipyard cranes and gantry cranes, but also ship to shore cranes, mobile cranes, RTG- and MHC cranes. For the container handling vehicles; Empty Container Handling, Reachstackers and Straddle Carriers. 

On our marketplace we offer spreaders of various brands; Bromma, Stinis, Ram Spreaders, ZPMC and Elme Spreaders. 

Spreaders are used for lifting cargos and containers. It’s the device in between of the machine and the container. The device works by attaching four corners of a container. They are used for the containers that has a locking mechanism. They can be used on straddle carriers, container cranes and with other machineries to lift containers. They are divided to 3 types: fully automatic, semiautomatic and manual. Manual ones are easier but nowadays it isn’t used by many companies since it wastes time because these spreaders need human touch to start.

Spreaders for Sale

Spreaders can only lift one container at a time. They can handle 20ft, 40ft, 45ft one container. If the device’s dimension is big, they can carry up to 45ft. Some of these devices can also telescope. When buying a used spreaders for sale, it is important to make sure they are in a good condition. To find to what kind of devices they are it is a must to know how spreaders for sale are being operated. This way it can be found which 3 types they belong to.

Spreaders Container

Spreaders mostly are being used to carry and lift the heavy containers. They can only carry one at a single time, so it limits the number of containers being lifted. Crane spreaders are also used to carry containers. Spreaders devices are connected to cranes, so they can easily pick up the goods. Some of them are known as container lift spreaders since this device only used for containers. Container spreaders have an option to pick up the container where the ropes are tied from the below of containers and to the top of the device. So this way the shaking of the containers is prevented and it helps the driver to transport faster.

Spreader Manufacturer

There are many manufacturers in the industry for spreaders. Ram is known for its world class quality. They are one of the oldest and famous manufacturers in the world. Their journey began in 1970. As the time passes other companies started to grow too. Other big companies are:

  • Stinis is also one of the oldest manufacturers in the industry too. They aren't just selling spreaders but also other lifting equipment too.
  • Bromma is known for their crane spreaders and they have been in the industry for 50 years.
  • ZPMC is an option for customers who want to work with a company that has done many successful jobs.
  • Elme is another manufacturer who promise their port service and their training. Many of these manufacturers send their specialists to troubleshoot problems with the devices.

Used Spreader for Sale

Spreaders are cheapest option to lift containers. Used spreader for sale is even cheaper than new ones. Most customers prefer to look for other type of devices when it comes to manual spreaders. Manual ones are low maintenance and they are really easy systems. Workers wants to other devices sonce it is way safer and faster to work with. With manual container spreaders, workers have to get in contact with containers to connect to the hook. But with automatic spreaders, there is no need for human contact. Semiautomatic container spreaders still need human contact to work but it is less than manual container spreaders.

Spreader for Crane

Spreaders are easy to use with cranes. It is faster and with cranes, the containers can be lift up to a more high height. Spreaders also have spreader bars. These bars designed to lift loads safely with cranes. They are the device that connects the lifting machine's hooks to the end of the beam. And the beam connects points on the underside of the cargo to lift it. Crane spreaders are really common and spreader for cranes are really popular to use in transportation and other logistic industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Spreaders?

 Since spreaders are divided into 3 types, it would be fair to say automatic and semi automatic spreaders are better than the manual one. But since automatic spreaders doesn’t need to human contact, it is the best option for spreaders. It is the best and safe for the workers.

What Is a Spreader Used for?

Spreaders are used to lift and carry containers. These containers are really heavy and can’t be lifted with human body, so it needs an mechanic to carry them. They ere used in transportation industry and many others.

Spreaders are another way of lifting heavy containers. Automatic spreaders has been a popular device in this industry.