Portneeds does what it says. We provide a platform to bring buyers and sellers together of machines, equipment, tools, spare parts, etc., related to your port needs exclusively. That is exactly why we stand out from other platforms.

How did it all start? Over a decade ago, as Portneeds’ founder and co-workers, we took our first steps into the port world. We carried out port-related activities globally, such as project supervision and the overhaul and maintenance of equipment. One of the job responsibilities included purchasing. That is also where the team gained experience as buyers in the port world.

During this time, we experienced that terminal organizations have little opportunity to buy specific parts or pieces of equipment, whether they seek new (unused) or second-hand. Alternatively, port and handling equipment are also difficult to sell through regular corporate websites or marketplaces because available channels:

  1. are non-transparent in available materials and pricing
  2. fail to offer a wide variety of options or alternatives
  3. have no specific scope for port terminals
  4. do not focus on cost-effectiveness

More importantly, we found that terminal organizations lack both industry-related knowledge and a strategy to find solutions that are efficient as well as affordable. We discovered a need for a digital reselling platform aimed at the port world, including back-office support from experienced professionals. So, we founded it ourselves!

Portneeds.com offers an advertising platform with worldwide coverage that brings supply and demand together, focussing on port equipment and services. It is our mission to connect the port world in an easy way.

Find your port needs and respond to one of the advertisements or place an advertisement yourself. Let us help you advertise or outsource your port equipment.

And if you have any questions, we are here to help you out!


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